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7 Things to Think About When Getting an Event Venue

There are many options to consider when planning an event, but the one that will have the most significant impact is where the event takes place. The venue and location you choose affect the event schedule, speaker lineup, food, and overall experience.

Does this make you stressed in any way? No need to feel that way. Here are some suggestions on how to make better decisions, when to make them, and what factors to consider when choosing the best event venue

The Best Time for Booking a Venue

When planning an event, it’s essential to start looking for venues for events as early as possible. This will give you the best chance of finding the one that meets your needs and is available on the date you want. It’s also important to consider the size of the venue, and whether it can accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite. 

Additionally, you should consider the location and whether it is easily accessible for your guests. Factors such as parking, public transportation, and lodging should also be taken into account. Overall, the best time for booking a venue is at least six to twelve months in advance to ensure you have plenty of time to find the perfect place.

Location, Location, Location

No doubt this has crossed your mind before. In the case of a regional gathering, you may be trying to find a location that is easily accessible from most expected guests’ places of residence and/or employment. Choose an event space close to the airport or the hotels where many attendees will be staying if they come from out of town. In any case, plan ahead for traffic, public transportation, and parking.

Nowadays, it’s expected to give participants a mobile event app in order to lessen the likelihood of them being late. When your guests have access to detailed event logistics like parking and shuttle information, they can relax and enjoy themselves before the big day. 

Using maps with pins to indicate where the event venue is located might be quite useful if it is located within a huge campus or institute. When there are exhibits, posters, or concurrent sessions, participants can easily find their way around with the help of an interactive interior map. And, if the gathering happens to be in Florida, we have the perfect event space in Coconut Grove

Parking Space

Parking is one of the most critical segments when finding a venue for an event. It is an important consideration when looking for venues for events because it directly affects the convenience and accessibility of the location for your guests. Adequate parking ensures that guests will be able to find a spot to park their vehicles, reducing the stress and frustration they may experience if parking is limited or difficult to find. 

If it is inadequate, it can cause delays and even discourage guests from attending your event altogether. Additionally, if it is not provided or is limited, it can cause additional expenses to guests, which can also be a deterrent. 

Services and Amenities

The success of your event venue and the satisfaction of your visitors hinges in large part on the services and amenities provided by the venue. Catering, lighting, and audiovisual equipment rental services can significantly impact your event’s overall feel and success. 

In addition, providing facilities like washrooms, a coat check, and a wireless Internet connection will go a long way toward making your guests feel at ease. Not having to go out of your way to coordinate these conveniences can save you time, effort, and money. The smooth running of your event can be further ensured by having these services and facilities offered by the venue rather than having to coordinate with various providers. 


When searching for a location to host an event venue, it is essential to take into account its maximum and minimum capacities, as these numbers dictate how many people can actually attend the gathering. If your guest list exceeds the location’s capacity, the event may feel claustrophobic, but if the space is too huge, it may seem impersonal. You should select a place that can comfortably accommodate your anticipated guest list, such as the Hangar.

You should also think about the venue’s food and drink minimums and the least amount of money you’ll be required to spend on refreshments in order to have your event at the desired location. These minimums can have a significant impact on your budget. If you are unable to fulfill them, you may be charged additional costs or prevented from using the venue altogether. 

The Layout 

Finding an event space with a suitable layout is crucial since it will significantly impact how smoothly and efficiently your event runs. An efficiently laid out venue will make it simple for visitors to find their way to the bar, the stage, and the bathrooms. Congestion, delays, and muddled thinking are all symptoms of a poorly planned layout.

The venue’s layout can also have an impact on the event’s appearance and ambiance. A location with high ceilings and lots of windows can give off an airy, spacious vibe, while a smaller room or a more closed-in layout can make for a more personal, intimate gathering. The seating arrangement, and even the matter of whether or not the attendees will be seated, can have an impact on the event’s aesthetic value; thus, careful planning is essential.


If you want your guests to have a good time with the event’s audio, you should consider the venue’s acoustics while choosing a place. Speeches, musical performances, and other audio features can all benefit from well-designed acoustics, making them more enjoyable for audience members and facilitating better comprehension. If guests have trouble hearing and understanding what is being said, their overall experience is likely to suffer. Inadequate acoustics can also produce a distracting and unpleasant echo or reverberation effect. 

Therefore, when finding a venue for an event, it is essential to think about the acoustics and how well they fit with the overall audio needs of your event. You can also take a walk-through or request a sound test to evaluate the acoustics.

In Conclusion 

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